Streamline Carbon Goes Live

After several months of planning and development in conjunction with the business owner, Streamline Carbon’s new website went live yesterday. The site is wordpress driven and uses the eCommerce plugin to serve an online shop. In addition, some extra things have been setup too including:

Flickr Group for photos: Where customers who’ve bought any Streamline Carbon products and fitted them to their cars can add photos to the Streamline Carbon group on Flickr. You can get a Flickr account for free!

Twitter for updates: Where fans of Streamline Carbon kit and who want to know when the website has been updated can follow the Tweets and get the latest updates!

Visit the site: www.streamlinecarbon.com

Written by Cris Bloomfield,
posted June 8th, 2009

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November 11, 2014

That hits the target dead cenret! Great answer!

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